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WISE Within Mentor Spotlight - Kaia Forget


WISE Within Mentor Spotlight - Kaia Forget

The 2024 WISE Within Greater Orlando program will launch in March. We recently sat down with 2023 WISE Within Mentor, Kaia Forget, to learn more about her experience with the program and what she has to say to fellow WISE members about getting involved.

Why did you decide to become a mentor through the WISE Within program?

I have worked in the Central Florida community for the last 26 years and I felt I had something to offer a young professional who was just getting established. I've had several amazing mentors along my own professional journey and I feel privileged to have a chance to pay it forward.


What was your proudest moment as a mentor?

Helping my mentee through the process of acquiring a new position which was a promotion at a higher salary. She deserved it!


What did you enjoy most about being part of the WISE Within program?

I loved getting to know some of our members on a more personal level, both mentors and mentees alike. There is real power in continuing to broaden your network. It's one of the things I appreciate the most about our local WISE chapter.


What did you learn?

It's more impactful to ask questions and listen than it is to espouse my own personal experiences. There is a time and place for sharing personal context, but allowing an individual to problem-solve on their own is a more substantial learning experience.


What would you say to someone considering being a WISE Within mentor?

If you are open to learning more about yourself - either as a mentor or a mentee - then this is the program for you! You will get out of it what you put into it. Be prepared to grow.


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